This New Year – Challenging Antisemitism Together – at Providence College

The inaugural Fay Rozovsky Lecture in Jewish-Catholic Discussion will be hung on Thursday, November 17th at 6pm at Providence College. The discussion is sponsored by the Jewish-Catholic Theological Exchange at Providence College and the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island.

The program statement comes as Rhode Islanders and individuals the world over start the acknowledgment of Rosh Hashanah. With Yom Kippur, the greatest holy “day of satisfaction” set for next week.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is among Judaism’s holiest days. Indicating “head of the year” or “initially of the year,” the celebration starts on the very first day of Tishrei, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar, which falls throughout September or October. Rosh Hashanah honors the development of the world and marks the start of the Days of Wonder, a 10-day duration of self-questioning and repentance that culminates in the Yom Kippur vacation, likewise referred to as the Day of Satisfaction. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the 2 “High Holy Days” in the Jewish religious beliefs.

Silently over the last couple of years, an ingenious program has actually promoted discussion in between Catholics, Jews, and the neighborhood in Rhode Island. Providence College and the Jewish Alliance have actually provided a series of intellectual conversations and discussions with nationally acknowledged theologians and speakers.

The ingenious program is led by Dr. Arthur Urbano, Teacher of Faith and Chair of the JCTE. Urbano, who got his Ph.D. from Brown University has know-how in Early Christianity, Patristics, Late Antiquity, Early Christian Bio, Art and Archaeology, and Jewish-Christian relations.

Urbano is Co-founder and co-director with Rabbi Wayne Franklin, of the Rhode Island Catholic-Jewish Discussion Group, started in 2016 to the present. He has actually served on the Preparation Committee, Interfaith Holocaust Remembrance Service at Temple Emanu-El in Providence, and on the Board of Directors, Holocaust Education and Resource Center of Rhode Island.

Urbano is Music Minister at Holy Apostles Church in Cranston. From 2001-present he was associated with Catholic-Jewish Grownup Education in combination with Temple Emanu-El, taught Catholic-Jewish Grownup Education in combination with Temple Sinai, in Cranston, and given that 2008 he has actually taught a yearly course, Pastoral Council, Holy Apostles Church). He has actually likewise functioned as Music Minister, at St. Bartholomew Church in Providence.

This year’s occasion, a panel conversation, handle antisemitism:

Challenging Antisemitism Together: An Interfaith Conversation

Rabbi Ron Fish

Northeast Department Director, Antisemitism Advocacy & & Education, Anti-Defamation League

Stephanie Hague

Chief Policy Officer, Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

Rev. John Pawlikowski, OSM

Teacher Emeritus of Social Ethics and Former Director, Catholic-Jewish Research Program, Catholic Theological Union

This will be a hybrid occasion with both in-person and virtual presence possible. More information to follow.

The inaugural Fay Rozovsky Lecture in Jewish-Catholic Relations, is enabled by a generous present from the estate of Fay Rozovsky. Fay Rozovsky ’73, ’08Hon. was amongst the very first ladies to go to Providence College and functioned as vice president and president of PC’s National Alumni Association from 2009-2012. She was a professional in public health and medical principles. She and her late partner Lorne were advocates of the Jewish-Catholic Theological Exchange effort from the start.

Jewish-Catholic Theological Exchange (JCTE) at Providence College

Given that its starting in 1917, Providence College has actually actively promoted Catholic and Jewish engagement. Structure on this history, the Jewish-Catholic Theological Exchange (JCTE) commi ttee w as establ ished by the Faith Department in 2007 and has actually continued to extend chances for Jews and Christians to pursue “good understanding and regard which is the fruit, above all, of scriptural and doctrinal research studies, in addition to of fraternal discussions” ( Nostra Aetate 4). Assessing the typical spiritual heritage in addition to the special identities of Jews and Christians, our objective is to cultivate interreligious knowing, understanding, and relationship. The JCTE hosts significant lectur es, colloquia, and other efforts on the Offer nce College school. These occasions supply an inviting online forum where members of the college sign up with the more comprehensive Rhode Island neighborhood, to engage with regional relig ious leaders and nationally acknowledged professionals to talk about styles of shared doctrinal interest. In connection with Providence College’s enduring custom, the JCTE promotes interreligious understanding and discussion in the spirit of the 2nd Vatican Council’s Statement on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religious Beliefs ( Nostra Aetate).