The Baby Boomer

The Baby Boomer and the years to remember!

The Baby Boomer years were some of the most formidable and memorable years of any generation. From music and radio to TV and celebrities, the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s created people, events, and news that defined pop culture trivia. Boomers love remembering the good ol’ days from school to adulthood.  The Boom Again pop culture trivia game brings the Baby Boomer years front and center with 2,244 questions from the Baby Boomer Era in categories like things you heard, saw, learned on the street and at school, things in the news, and a special category of random lists from famous catchphrases to dances of the ‘70s.  The years may have passed, but Baby Boomers still celebrate the times of their lives, together.

The Boom Era offered a different time where things were more simple, hanging out was cool and music was groovy, cool, or out of sight!  TV shows were on network TV where you had to get up to change the channel, and usually, there were only three, maybe four channels and the lights were out by midnight.  If you missed your show, you would need to wait for re-runs because VCRs and Tivo, didn’t exist to record, and on-demand was something you would see on the Jetsons!

One thing that always stands the test of time, no matter how old-fashioned one might think it is, is board games.  There are many popular board games that have had decades of success with families and adults.  From Apples to Apples and Pictionary to Taboo and Trivia Pursuit, board games bring parties to life whether they are simple path games with some randomness to the outcome or party games which require teamwork and some knowledge to be successful.  There are some new games that really put generations together to answer questions about their era or challenge them with performances.  Boom Again takes pop culture and trivia to create a unique and fun experience for Baby Boomers and a few that are older and younger who lived during the decades that drove some of the best music, TV, music, and news of the century! Popular board games were a mainstay in most homes in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. If you didn’t have a radio or TV, or the means to do anything else, board games provided entertainment and togetherness, along with strategy and teamwork.   Baby Boomers have been around for many changes in the evolution of entertainment from local and national radio and TV to streaming services for both of them. Both cost money, when a board game, once purchased is an experience that drives interaction, competition, teamwork, laughter, and let’s face it, fun!

There are quite a few pop culture trivia games, but most cross generations for families to play together. Boom Again is the only game out there that specifically targets Baby Boomers. X-Generation and Silent Generation game players will do fine, but the sweet spot is Baby Boomers. Trivia that focuses on pop culture of the Boomer decades is interesting and memorable as many consider the Baby Boomer era to be the best times across many categories from media and politics to school and childhood games.  Pop culture trivia brings back the Boomer decades’ memories and Boomers love to remember the good times. Hanging out and playing games together is part of the fabric of Baby Boomers, and with the right game, like Boom Again, reliving the past can be a lot of fun!  Available on and Amazon, Boom Again is the gift that keeps on giving.