RI Veterans: Did you understand? (Veterans House, Op. Vacation Cheer …) 06-10-22 – John A. Cianci

by John A. Cianci, Department Veterans Service Officer, Italian Americ an War Veterans (ITAM)

Update on RI Veterans House COVID circumstance:

Veterans & & Households Informed Not To Stress With Covid 19 Policy Not To Utilize Designated Covid 19 Wing
A minimum of 3 veterans have actually evaluated favorable at the Rhode Island Veterans House, Bristol RI.
Worrying to the veterans, household and personnel is the administration choice not to move the Covid-19 favorable veterans to the designated Covid-19 wing, which has actually been utilized in the past for veterans who have actually evaluated Covid-19 favorable.
” It’s worrying you do not utilize every resource offered to safeguard our most susceptible veterans living at the veterans house,” stated John Cianci, Italian American war Veterans of United States, Department Leader.” Why would not you utilize a wing reserved and utilized in the past for Covid-19 favorable veterans living at the house.
” The veterans who are Covid 19 unfavorable are needed to remain in their space with the door closed. Meals are supplied to them, nevertheless, they need to consume in their space.” stated Cianci.The Workplace of Rhode Island Solutions reacted to concerns of the veterans, households, and personnel issues of Covid 19 favorable and Covid-19 unfavorable veterans not being separated. Although the Covid-19 favorable homeowners ar in their space and just separated by a door from leaving, no other restraints and or alarms stop the Covid-19 favorable from leaving their space, and participating in a Covid-19 unfavorable space, which has actually taken place in the past.
” Since of the distinct design of the Rhode Island Veterans House, in addition to the advanced ventilation systems– consisting of MERV-15 air purification systems with constant fresh air flow– we have the ability to permit homeowners to securely quarantine in their own personal spaces that include personal restrooms. These advanced facilities are not present in numerous other long term care centers and other state Veterans houses. We are presently asking that the remining homeowners of the single home where COVID exists to remain in their location up until we can validate they are covid-free. At no time has any resident been secured their space. Need to a resident not have the ability to securely quarantine in their own space, such as when it comes to homeowners dealing with dementia, the quarantine system will be triggered.” composed Meghan Connelly, Strategic Preparation, Policy, and Communications Administrator, Rhode Island Workplace of Veterans Providers to RINEWSTODAY.com.

In my viewpoint, another example of the State of Rhode Island running the risk of the lives of our veterans at the house by not utilizing all resources offered to safeguard the most susceptible.
Let us wish those veterans who have actually evaluated favorable and all the veterans and personnel at the Rhode Island Veterans House.


Operation Vacation Cheer Contribution Drive for Service Members

Lieutenant Guv Sabina Matos today began the 20 th Yearly Operation Vacation Cheer Contribution Drive, signed up with by the 3 previous Lieutenant Governors who led Rhode Island Operation Vacation Cheer– Guv Dan McKee and previous Lieutenant Governors Charles Fogarty and Elizabeth Roberts– in addition to by federal, state, and regional leaders from throughout Rhode Island.

Operation Vacation Cheer is carried out by the Lieutenant Guv’s Workplace and enabled by the collaboration and effort of the RI Blue Star Moms, the RI National Guard, Operation Stand Down RI, the United States Postal Service, and the American Red Cross of RI, all of whom existed to reveal the start of the 20 th season.

Lieutenant Guv Sabina Matos stated, “I prompt every Rhode Islander to get included by contributing items or their time so that we can make this twentieth anniversary much more unique for our soldiers. I’m grateful to have the honor of continuing this vacation custom, and to deal with the devoted neighborhood partners and relative who have actually kept it running for twenty years.”

Guv Dan McKee included, “Rhode Island– this is your call to action– we require contributions and volunteers to make this year’s Operation Vacation Cheer the very best one yet.”

Operation Vacation Cheer was begun in 2002 by previous Lieutenant Guv Fogarty and has actually been held yearly given that. The program supports service members stationed far from house throughout the vacations by sending them care bundles filled with Rhode Island items.

” When my workplace arranged the very first Operation Vacation Cheer in 2002, we didn’t understand that it would end up being a yearly custom,” stated Charles Fogarty, Lieutenant Guv of Rhode Island from 1999 to 2007 “I’m grateful for their efforts over the last 20 years, and I am thrilled to see OHC grow to brand-new heights in the years to come.”

Boxes will be loaded at the United States Army National Guard Armory in Warwick on October 29 th and 30 th The RI Blue Star Moms require particular products to fill packages for our active military workers. A total list of products asked for, in addition to amounts required, can be discovered here and below: https://ltgov.ri.gov/ohc

” The profusion of assistance that our kids get as part of Operation Vacation Cheer is a vital aid throughout what is typically a hard time,” stated Mary Grace Marceau, President Blue Star Moms I can not reveal deeply adequate what a distinction it makes to understand that services, nonprofits, and daily individuals want to return to our liked ones, good friends and boys and children, who are away throughout the vacations, serving our country. I am currently anticipating packaging boxes together with other volunteers!”

The program counts on the kindness of people and business and neighborhood sponsors who supply in-kind or monetary contributions, in addition to volunteers who will assist load packages. Business sponsors and people wanting to contribute items, cash, or time can check out https://ltgov.ri.gov/ohc

This year’s business donors consist of Adler, Pollock, & & Sheehan, American Legion, Amica Mutual Insurance Coverage, Atlantic Paper & & Supply, Blood Centers of America, Dave’s Market, Del’s Lemonade, Duffy & & Shanley, Dunkin’, Woman Scouts of Southern NE, Finlay Extracts & & Ingredients, Massey & & Associates, Operation: Made, Pilgrim Title Insurance Coverage Co., Saddlebags for Soldiers, Security Flag Co. of America, The House Depot, Thomas Engineering, 2 Siblings Catering, and VFW Rhode Island. Operations assistance is supplied by Fight Veteran Bike Association and Regional 57 Operating Engineers.

To make sure every service member stationed far from house gets a box, the Workplace of the Lieutenant Guv asks Rhode Islanders to share the names and addresses of good friends or relative who are presently released. Please send them to Grace Sneesby in the Workplace of the Lieutenant Guv at 401-222-2371 or ltgov@ltgov.ri.gov


Did you understand a law was passed reliable October 1, 2022 broadening healthcare for veterans to consist of veterans who could have been formerly rejected?

VETTIP– If you do not have a paper copy letter rejecting you VA Health care, use. If a VA agent recommends that you are not qualified for health care, this details might be incorrect. Request for a rejection correspondence from the agent, which must inform you the factor you are not qualified for VA healthcare. More than likely, the VA will not provide a rejection letter for VA healthcare. Rather, you will get a letter encouraging what group you remain in, which might be group 8 and due to earnings certifications.


We begin with a concern from among our readers.

In 2015 I was informed I am no longer qualified for VA healthcare since of my earnings, nevertheless, I am informed a brand-new law was passed and I need to be qualified once again. — Steve, Harrisville RI

Steve, you are right. A brand-new law, the PACT A/c, t broadened eligibility of VA healthcare for veterans who were not qualified formerly and or were rejected.

The PACT Act ended up being law on October 1, 2022 The law permits 1 year for veterans who formerly had actually not used and or were rejected VA healthcare to get advantages.

The VA does consider earnings when figuring out VA healthcare advantages. Furthermore, boost in earnings might alter to classification.

VETTIP– If you think you are qualified for VA Health care, use by finishing VA 10-10EX, https://www.va.gov/find-forms/about-form-10-10ez/

More on the VA Concern groups from the VA site:

What are VA concern groups and how do they impact me?

When you get VA healthcare, we’ll designate you to 1 of 8 concern groups. This system assists to ensure that Veterans who require care right now can get registered rapidly. It likewise assists to ensure we can supply high quality care to all Veterans registered in the VA healthcare program.

Your concern group may impact:

  • How quickly we sign you up for healthcare advantages, and
  • Just how much (if anything) you’ll need to pay towards the expense of your care
    What elements will VA utilize to designate me to a top priority group?

We’ll base your concern group on:

  • Your military service history, and
  • Your impairment ranking, and
  • Your earnings level, and
  • Whether you receive Medicaid, and
  • Other advantages you might be getting (like VA pension advantages)

We designate Veterans with service-connected specials needs the greatest concern. We designate the most affordable concern to Veterans who make a greater earnings and who do not have any service-connected specials needs certifying them for impairment settlement (regular monthly payments).

If you receive more than one concern group, we’ll designate you to the greatest one.

Concern group 1

We might designate you to concern group 1 if any of these descriptions hold true:

  • You have a service-connected impairment that we have actually ranked as 50% or more disabling, or
  • You have a service-connected impairment that we have actually concluded makes you not able to work (likewise called unemployable), or
  • You got the Medal of Honor (MOH)

Concern group 2

We might designate you to concern group 2 if you have a service-connected impairment that we have actually ranked as 30% or 40% disabling.

Concern group 3

We might designate you to concern group 3 if any of these descriptions hold true:

  • You’re a previous detainee of war (POW), or
  • You got the Purple Heart medal, or
  • You were released for a special needs that was triggered by– or worsened since of– your active-duty service, or
  • You have a service-connected impairment that we have actually ranked as 10% or 20% disabling, or
  • You were granted unique eligibility category under Title 38, U.S.C § 1151, “advantages for people disabled by treatment or employment rehab”

Concern group 4

We might designate you to concern group 4 if either of these descriptions holds true:

  • You’re getting VA help and participation or housebound advantages, or
  • You have actually gotten a VA decision of being catastrophically handicapped

Concern group 5

We might designate you to concern group 5 if any of these descriptions hold true:

  • You do not have a service-connected impairment, or you have a non-compensable service-connected impairment that we have actually ranked as 0% disabling, and you have a yearly earnings level that’s listed below our adjusted earnings limitations (based upon your resident postal code), or
  • You’re getting VA pension advantages, or
  • You’re qualified for Medicaid programs

Concern group 6

We might designate you to concern group 6 if any of these descriptions hold true:

  • You have a compensable service-connected impairment that we have actually ranked as 0% disabling, or
  • You were exposed to ionizing radiation throughout climatic screening or throughout the profession of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or
  • You took part in Job 112/SHAD, or
  • You served in the Republic of Vietnam in between January 9, 1962, and Might 7, 1975, or
  • You served in the Persian Gulf War in between August 2, 1990, and November 11, 1998, or
  • You served on active service at Camp Lejeune for a minimum of thirty days in between August 1, 1953, and December 31, 1987

We might likewise designate you to concern group 6 if you fulfill all of these requirements:

  • You’re presently or freshly registered in VA healthcare, and
  • You served in a theater of fight operations after November 11, 1998, and
  • You were released less than 5 years back

Note: As a returning fight Veteran, you’re qualified for these improved advantages for 5 years after discharge. At the end of this improved registration duration, we’ll designate you to the greatest concern group you receive at that time.

Concern group 7

We might designate you to concern group 7 if both of these descriptions hold true for you:

  • Your gross family earnings is listed below the geographically adjusted earnings limitations (GMT) for where you live, and
  • You accept pay copays
    Evaluation existing copay rates

Concern group 8

We might designate you to concern group 8 if both of these descriptions hold true for you:

  • Your gross family earnings is above VA earnings limitations and geographically adjusted earnings limitations for where you live, and
  • You accept pay copays
    Evaluation existing copay rates

If you’re designated to concern group 8, your eligibility for VA healthcare advantages will depend upon which subpriority group we put you in.

In addition, the freshly passed PACT Act has actually now broadened VA’s Representative Orange presumptive policy to consist of those who served beyond Vietnam.

If your partner served in among these freshly included places, and has actually given that died due to a condition associated to their direct exposure, you might now be qualified for advantages.

Healthcare Eligibility Under PACT Act

More Veterans are qualified for VA healthcare

You may have just recently found out that the PACT Act might affect your care and advantages However did you understand it likewise broadens healthcare eligibility for numerous Veterans? The PACT Act started among the biggest growths of VA advantages in history.

If a Veteran you understand hasn’t registered in VA healthcare prior to, here are some information you can share to assist them get the care they have actually made and should have:

Vietnam Age Veterans

Vietnam Age Veterans who served in these places and period are qualified to get registration now:

  • Republic of Vietnam in between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975
  • Thailand at any U.S. or Royal Thai base in between January 9, 1962, and June 30, 1976
  • Laos in between December 1, 1965, and September 30, 1969
  • Specific provinces in Cambodia in between April 16, 1969, and April 30, 1969
  • Guam or American Samoa (or their territorial waters) in between January 9, 1962, and July 30, 1980
  • Johnston Atoll (or a ship that called there) in between January 1, 1972, and September 30, 1977

Gulf War Age Veterans

Starting October 1, 2022, Gulf War Age Veterans who served on active service in a theater of fight operations after the Persian Gulf War might be qualified to register in VA healthcare. This likewise consists of Veterans who, in connection with service throughout such duration, got the following awards or acknowledgments:

  • Army Expeditionary Medal
  • Service Particular Expeditionary Medal
  • Fight Age Particular Expeditionary Medal
  • Project Particular Expeditionary Medal
  • Any other fight theater award developed by Federal statute or Executive Order

Post-9/ 11 Veterans

Post-9/ 11 Veterans released prior to October 1, 2013, can register in VA healthcare throughout an unique 1-year registration duration in between October 1, 2022, and October 1, 2023. To be qualified, among the following need to hold true:

* They served on active service in a theater of fight operations throughout a duration of war after the Persian Gulf War, or

* They served in fight versus a hostile force throughout a duration of hostilities after November 11, 1998.

What to understand about VA healthcare

Registration is complimentary, and healthcare might be complimentary too.

VA healthcare for any health problem or injury that is identified as “service linked,” or associated to your military service, is complimentary. The PACT Act included more than 20 presumptive conditions

Inform your good friends to get VA healthcare in 1 of 4 methods:


By calling the toll-free hotline at 877-222-8387

By sending by mail VA Type 10-10EZ to: Health Eligibility Center 2957 Clairmont Rd., Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30329

Face to face at their closest VA Medical Center or Center


Rhode Island Veterans House resident commemorates 100th Birthday

The Italian American War Veterans of the United States and Perella’s Ristornant, Warren RI hosted Navy veteran Kenneth Roberts on Saturday October 2, 2022.

A cops escort from the Rhode Island Veterans House, in Bristol to Perella, remains in Warren was supplied by the Bristol PD. In spite of the rainy weather condition, Ken was welcomed by approximate 20-25 relative and good friends holding American flags.

” I drove the lead lorry behind the cops escort,” stated Wendy Cianci, Italian American War Veterans of US/Auxiliary.” Very first time able to run lead lights with a police vehicle in front of me and behind me.”

Ken was served a lobster on a classic stainless-steel tray he recognized with from task on ships in the Navy.

” Ken consumed the entire lobster, requesting and being showing the lobster choice to make sure no meat was left on the lobster.” stated among the veterans in participation.


RESOURCES & & continuous groups

Below are all of the groups the Providence Veterinarian Center is presently providing. As this list modifications, I will supply updates. Please send me any concerns that you might have, thank you for your time!

*** All Veterinarian Center Groups need that the Veteran be registered with the Veterinarian Center prior to participating in. To examine eligibility or for concerns, please call the Veterinarian Center at (401) 739-0167 or connect to our Veteran Outreach Program Professional (VOPS) by means of e-mail at Justyn.Charon@va.gov ***

Trauma Group (PTSD) — second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 2:00– 3:30 p.m. (Group is just active September through Might)

International War on Terrorism (GWOT) and Vietnam Veterans PTSD Group — second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 9:30– 11:00 a.m.

Vietnam Veteran PTSD Group — first and 3rd Monday of the month from 10:30– 12:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.– 7:00 p.m.

Art Expression Group — Every Thursday from 9:00– 12:00 p.m.

Operation Enduring Liberty (OEF)/ Operation Iraqi Liberty (OIF)/ Operation New Dawn (OND) Group — Every Wednesday from 11:00– 12:00 p.m.

Tension Management — Every Thursday from 9:00– 10:00 a.m.

Low Effect Strolling Group — Every Tuesday from 9:00– 10:00 a.m.

Guitar 4 Veterans — Every Wednesday from 7:00 -8:30 p.m.

Monday Mindfulness Group — Every Monday from 10:00– 11:00 a.m.

Yoga Group — Every Friday from 12:00– 1:00 p.m.

Ethical Injury Group — Every Friday from 10:00– 11:00 a.m.

Modern Warrior Support System — first and 3rd Monday of the month from 2:30– 4:00 pm.


Discount Rates for Veterans


No Issue Pipes and Heating LLC 15% military discount rate, request Ron Gaynor, (401) 568-6666. Veterans need to supply evidence of eligibity with a VA Card, VA ID Card, or RI State license with veteran recognition

Dining Establishments

Applebee’s — Military Discount rate … With more than 2,000 places, Applebee’s is a household grill dining establishment. Applebee’s provides 10% off for active service and veteran. Last validated 07/31/2028

Denny’s — Hartford Ave, Johnston uses 10% discount rate for veterans and active service. Denny’s is a table service diner-style dining establishment chain. Last validated 07/31/2028 (PS I had breakfast there on Saturday).

Wilderness Steakhouse — 10% Discount rate to active and veterans. Last validated 07/28/2021

99 Dining Establishment & & Club– The 99 Dining establishment & & Club uses a 10% military discount rate to members of Veterans Benefit. Offered at choose places just. Bring legitimate military ID



Advance Car Components — 10% for Active Service, Veterans, and households. Last validated 07/28/2021

Bass Pro Shops — Provides a 5% discount rate to active-duty military, reservists, and National Guard. Register and confirm your status online or bring your military ID when you patronize your closest Bass Pro shop (source).

BJs Wholesale — Lowered subscription cost. BJ’s deals all military workers over 25% off their Subscription. Last validated 07/28/2021

Lowes — Enlist in the Lowe’s Armed force Discount rate Program to trigger your 10% discount rate– “Our method of stating Thank You” to our active service, retired and military veterans and their partners with a 10% discount rate on qualified products. Confirmation of your military status is quick and simple through our partner, ID.me.

ID.me is our relied on innovation partner in assisting to keep your individual details safe.

GameStop — is providing a 10% in-store military discount rate on all previously owned items, antiques, and choose brand-new items. Offered to existing and previous military members who bring any legitimate evidence of service or when they confirm through ID.me

House Depot — Provides a 10% off military discount rate on routinely priced product for in-store purchases for active service, retired military, and reservists at taking part places. Clients are needed to reveal a legitimate government-issued military ID card to redeem this deal.

Kohls — 15% discount rate uses for active military, veterans, senior citizens, and their instant relative a 15% discount rate on purchases made on Mondays, in shop just. In order to get the military discount rate, qualified consumers need to provide appropriate recognition in addition to any tender type.

Jiffy Lube — HONORING VETERANS ALL THE TIME EVERY DAY!– We didn’t wish to wait on Veteran’s Day to reveal our gratitude and thankfulness for your service. That’s why every Group Vehicle Care owned and ran Jiffy Lube ® service center is providing our BEST discount rate of 15% OFF as a “Thank You” to the guys and ladies of our Army for their service to our nation. * Disclaimer *- I.D. needed. No voucher is needed. Excludes batteries and brakes, positioning, and diagnostic services. Offered just at choose places noted below:

Tioque Ave, Coventry; Bald Hill Roadway, Warwick; and Park Ave, Cranston.

Michaels — uses a 15% off military discount rate on the whole in-store purchase consisting of sale products for active service, retired military, guard, reservists, veterans, and relative. How to get–

1. Develop an Account. Visit or produce a Michaels Benefits account.

2. Get Verified. Supply your military details to get validated immediately.

3. Shop! To utilize your discount rate online and in shop, simply sign into your account or supply your Michaels Benefits telephone number at checkout.

O’Reilly Car Components — 10% discount rate on in shop products for Active service, Veterans and households. Last validated 3/4/21.


If you are a merchant and or a veteran knowledgeable about a service not noted above, please forward to: itamri4vets@gmail.com: business’s name, place, and military and seasoned discount rate used.

If you have an occasion, conference, other significant veteran details, or e-mail concerns or assist required, call the Italian American War Veteran Service Officer, John A Cianci, itamri4vets@gmail.com, ITAM Workplace 1-( 401 )677-9VET( 9838 )

To check out all columns in this series go to: https://rinewstoday.com/john-a-cianci/


John A. Cianci is a Veteran Service Officer. Retired, U.S. Army MSgt., Persian Gulf War and Iraq War fight theater.

Cianci, a fight handicapped Veteran, served in Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Iraqi Liberty. His awards consist of Bronze Star, Fight Action Badge, Excellent Conduct, and others.

Cianci comes from many veterans companies– Italian American War Veterans, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign War, United Veterans Council of Rhode Island, and much more companies. He is an active volunteer helping veterans to browse federal and state advantages they have actually made. He is Department of Rhode Island Department Leader Italian American War Veterans and Veteran Service Officer.

He is a graduate of Roger Williams University (BS Financing), UCONN organization school * (Business owner Bootcamp For Veterans), Solar Power International Residential, Commercial and Battery Based Photovoltaic Systems certificate programs, many certificates from the Department of Defense renewable resource programs, consisting of graduate of the Solar Ready Vets Program.