Providence officer, previous RI statehouse prospect pleads innocent to striking lady at abortion rally– Boston News, Weather Condition, Sports

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP)– A Providence law enforcement officer implicated of attacking a lady at an abortion-rights demonstration last month pleaded innocent to the charges on Friday.

Patrolman Jeann Lugo got in the plea throughout an arraignment in Providence. He was bought to have no contact with the grumbling witness.

Lugo, 35, was charged with easy attack and disorderly conduct in connection with the fight at the Statehouse on June 24. Jennifer Rourke, the chair of the progressive Rhode Island Political Cooperative looking for the Democratic election for a state Senate seat, stated she was typed the face a minimum of two times by Lugo, who was off responsibility at the time.

Lugo was running for the GOP election for the exact same seat Rourke is looking for. He ended his project the day after the demonstration, which was kept in action to the choice launched the exact same day by the U.S. Supreme Court reversing the 1973 Roe v. Wade choice that had actually offered a constitutional right to abortion.

Lugo struck Rourke two times, according to an internal examination by the Providence Cops Department, which declared that Lugo breached department guidelines and policies governing conduct. Providence’s cops chief has advised that Lugo lose his task He is presently on paid suspension

Daniel Griffin, Lugo’s lawyer, stated this month that his customer “stays positive that the truths of this scenario will be exposed and reveal that he is innocent of any misbehavior.”

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