Providence authorities captain charged with attack in head-slam event

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI)– A Providence authorities captain has actually been charged with attack after being caught on video knocking a guy’s face into the pavement throughout an arrest.

Capt. Stephen Gencarella, who has actually been on the force for 25 years, was charged Thursday with easy attack, according to the authorities department.

Col. Hugh Clements, the authorities chief, has actually currently alerted Gencarella that he wishes to fire him for numerous infractions of department policy Gencarella has actually asked for a hearing under the Police Officers’ Costs of Rights, where the suggested penalty will be thought about.

The LEOBOR hearing will not occur up until after Gencarella’s criminal case is adjudicated. He is presently on paid injured-on-duty status

Neither the authorities department nor Gencarella’s lawyer has actually divulged what injury he suffered throughout the July 3 event.

The supposed attack happened throughout the city’s 4th of July fireworks event on July 3, when Lt. Matthew Jennette called a tow truck for a lorry that was double-parked near India Point Park.

When Armando Rivas went back to the vehicle, he ended up being irritated, according to the preliminary authorities report, and was swearing at Jennette. When Jenette attempted to detain him he withstood, authorities claim, and Capt. Gencarella ran over to assist.

The 51-second video caught by a spectator reveals a part of the arrest.

The video at first reveals the 2 officers utilizing “discomfort compliance methods” in order to handcuff Rivas, Clements kept in mind in his termination letter. However after Rivas was laying on the ground in handcuffs, Clements composed, Gencarella is seen getting the 21-year-old’s hair and knocking his face into the pavement. The authorities report and after-action report, composed later on by Jennette and Gencarella, declares Gencarella utilized a “palm-heel strike” to Rivas’ head.

” This strike is not illustrated on the video,” Clements composed in the letter. “What is caught on the video is the grabbing of Rivas’s hair by you and you powerfully pressing his head/face into the pavement.”

Clements composed that Gencarella’s actions total up to “infractions of criminal law and the civil liberties of Armando Rivas.”

Gencarella is arranged to be arraigned on the charge Thursday afternoon.

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