More heat & humidity for the weekend

A HEAT ADVISORY has actually been extended and now consists of both Saturday and Sunday

Heat Alerts 1625070840960

Remainder of the night, partially cloudy with irregular fog after midnight. Warm and damp, low to mid 70s.

Skycast Tonight 2

Saturday, a turn up storm for the afternoon, generally for places Northwest of 95. Another hot and damp day. Around 90 °. Seem like temperatures near 100 °. Saturday night, clammy with a couple of clouds. Low to mid 70s.

Mass Gis Cutout Ri Gis Cutout Beach Scene Forecast 2 Heat Index Forecast Daily

Sunday, still hot and damp. Temperatures around 90 °. Seem like temperatures near 100 °. Sunday night, partially cloudy. Low to mid 70s. Muggy.

Monday, partially bright with storms shooting up throughout the late-day and night. Still hot and damp. Around 90 °. Monday night, spread showers and storms. Low 70s.

Tuesday through Thursday, a genuine strong possibility of rain all 3 days. Spread showers and storms every day. Still damp, however not as hot. Low to mid 80s. It would be a win to score good rain for the middle of next week.

Friday, primarily bright, low humidity. Low to mid 80s.

ABC6 Chief Meteorologist, Jeff Desnoyers