More damp Thursday, opportunity of night storms

Remainder of the night, increasing humidity with partially cloudy conditions. Upper 60s.

Thursday, partially warm and damp. A minor opportunity for a thunderstorm for place in Northern R.I. around twelve noon, otherwise the majority of the day is dry for the location. Next round of storms in between 8-11 P.M. Greater opportunity for rain for places in Northern R.I. and Northern Bristol County in SE MA. Coastal places have a really low opportunity for any sort of rain. Mid to upper 80s. Thursday night, any night storms (primarily North) will end, partially cloudy the rest of the night. Upper 60s and low 70.

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Friday, minor opportunity of a storm, otherwise partially warm and warm. Mid to upper 80s. Friday night, partially cloudy. Mid to upper 60s.

Muggy Meter 5 Day

Saturday, warm & & warm. Low humidity. 80s to near 90 °. Saturday night, clear and great. Low to mid 60s.

Sunday, more damp, still warm and warm. 80s to near 90 °. Sunday night, a couple of clouds. Around 70 °.

Monday through Wednesday, warm and dry. More damp Tuesday and Wednesday. High temperatures around 90 °, low temperatures around 70 °.

ABC6 Chief Meteorologist, Jeff Desnoyers