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By Brendan Higgins, contributing author

There are numerous complimentary words to explain this heavyweight boxing champ. If I were required to utilize just one word to explain him, the word I would select is “determination”. He is a tested warrior in the ring. He strikes like a sledgehammer. He is as simple as he is considerate. He has actually been to the mountain top. He understands what that seems like. He has actually likewise stood at evictions of hell. Yes, he has actually experienced that too. That’s why he is all heart. Most significantly, Juiseppe Cusumano is still standing high. His story is amazing, and the next chapter will be composed.

I had a chance to talk to the guy called “The Sicilian Problem” at a current interview for CES Boxing. He is as Italian as it gets, however he consults with an unique Virginia southern accent. The noise of his voice contributes to his beauty. The very best part is he isn’t even attempting. It’s simply who he is. His approaching battle will be held August 20 th, at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The style of this mega-boxing card is entitled Summertime Heat. Needless to state, Cusumano is prepared for the obstacle.

Juiseppe “The Sicilian Problem” Cusumano

He was born in Sicily, Italy, on May 7, 1988. He remembered, “I relocated to the states when I was 7 years of ages. When I was 9, my moms and dads separated. I went to cope with my mom’s side of the household. I found out how to combat on the streets in the hood. Boxing was a huge part of my youth. My daddy was an Evander Holyfield fan. I liked Mike Tyson. We would butt heads when they utilized to combat. I liked boxing immediately. I satisfied my fitness instructor, Robert “Device” Matney, in Virginia Beach, prior to I was 10 years old. I began boxing [when I was] truly young. I was insane as a young kid. I remained in and out of the fitness center. I was simply a kid, doing things kids do.”

Juiseppe was a well-rounded professional athlete maturing in Virginia. In addition to boxing, he was a standout in football and hockey. He was a quarterback with a strong arm however due to the fact that of his size they desired him to play protective end. In his heart, he would have chosen playing quarterback. Nevertheless, he did what his coaches desired and played where he was required on the field. He was a goalie when he played ice hockey. He walked around a fair bit maturing. His household moved throughout his senior year. He finished from Cox High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 2008. Throughout our discussion Cusumano exposed he likewise enjoys to play golf. He stated, “I played golf for George Washington High School in Danville, Virginia. I made it to states 2 years in a row. At one time I had a 4 handicap. I enjoy golf. It is among my enthusiasms. I do not get to play much nowadays due to the fact that I’m on this run with boxing. I truly miss out on playing golf.” The more I listened to Juiseppe, the more I liked him. He was extremely open and sincere discussing the ups and downs of his life. I asked Cusumano who he appreciated in the boxing neighborhood. He stated, “I like individuals who had a truly difficult life. My life has actually not been simple. I walked around a lot. In some cases life can be much more difficult than boxing.”

I asked Juiseppe who he appreciated in the boxing world. Without doubt, he enthusiastically stated, “Rocky Marciano. I enjoy The Rock!” When I asked him who he appreciated beyond boxing he continued to shock me. Once again, without doubt he stated, “I was a huge Drew Bledsoe fan. What an arm he had. He had that Hail Mary arm. He might truly air it out. I felt linked to him. I wasn’t truly a Patriots fan. I much like Bledsoe a lot. My group is the Chicago Bears.” I asked Juiseppe who else he appreciated. He reacted gently with a psychological tone in his voice stating, “Jesus Christ. His story is terrific.” We both meant a minute in silence after that. I was blown away by his sincere response.

Juiseppe continued, “When my fitness instructor, “Device” passed away, I entered drinking and drugs, I quit on life for a while. I took 3 years off from boxing. Jesus Christ conserved my life lot of times. I was blessed to really feel the holy spirit when, so I understand he’s genuine. That was a true blessing. Jesus is top out of everyone.” When Juiseppe went back to the ring, he began with CES. Jimmy Burchfield is more than a battle sports promoter. He is passionately bonded to his fighters. He appreciates them as people initially. What they may be efficient in accomplishing in the ring is secondary. When Cusumano landed with CES, it was the start of his mission to go back to the top of the heavyweight department. Burchfield provided Cusumano an agreement, however Juiseppe declined to sign it. He desired Burchfield to see him spar initially. That story is a prime example regarding why my one word to explain Juiseppe is determination.

The Italian Connection
Vinny Paz and Juiseppe Cusumano

Throughout our interview, Cusumano encountered as focused and grounded psychologically. Physically, he is rather a physical specimen certainly. He stated, “I remain athletic. I attempt to return on track when things are failing. I like to be around favorable individuals in my life. That’s been an issue in the past. When I’m around unfavorable individuals it makes me unfavorable. Some individuals get stuck in circumstances, and they choose a particular type of life. I have actually had the ability to leave those circumstances. I believe that assists me with my health. Even when I was at my worst, I constantly talked with God. He put something more in me. He has me on this roadway. In the past I have actually been down. I have actually been down with the worst of them. God has actually had the ability to put me back where I’m expected to be. There is constantly more. As I age, I understand I need to return to God. I need to be on the cutting edge for him. I strive for God. When I’m around unfavorable individuals, they will not concur with that. Favorable individuals do see it. They see prospective. They see what I can doing. I’m discovering that out increasingly more with coach Dave.”

Cusumano is a Champ
Picture thanks to Rebecca Lawrence Photography

Cusumano is describing his fitness instructor Dave McDonough. I asked coach Dave his ideas on Juiseppe. He stated, “We knew him naturally. I understood there was a lot more left in the tank for Juiseppe. Having other fighters on CES cards we are constantly in contact with Mr. Burchfield. About a month prior to Juiseppe’s last battle I got a call from Mr. Burchfield, he wished to know what we might use Cusumano with training. We had a three-way call and I informed Juiseppe, appearance, you are welcome to remain in my home. As long as you are comfy with our method of training, we might have something. He pertained to Connecticut, and we began training. I established sparring sessions. We started to expose him to an entire various world. Where I live enables me to be available to New york city and New Jersey extremely quickly. We took him to health clubs in the Tri State location where there are leading heavyweights preparing to combat. For this last camp he sparred with Joe Smith Jr., Cassius Chaney, George Arias, Rate Taylor and Jarrell “Huge Infant” Miller.” When it comes to the future, McDonough had this to state about Cusumano, “Myself and head coach Benny Little are doing the ring deal with him. First off, Juiseppe is the hardest employee in the space. We are pleased with his athleticism. We are bringing that out of him more in the ring. I have actually dealt with huge men prior to. When I enjoy him run, all I can believe is he should have been a beast on the football field. He runs like the wind. For a man his size he is insane quick. He is a really distinct person. I keep informing him he needs to picture himself being world champ. He has the tools to do it. We require a little luck and the ideal battles. We aren’t looking for power or skill here. He has all of it. He likewise understands where he wishes to be. He is putting in the work. He likewise has me going to church with him. He will end up being a force in the heavyweight department.”

Dave McDonough, Juiseppe Cusumano, and Gareth McCloskey

Juiseppe Cusumano made his expert launching on August 14, 2010, in the Norfolk Scope Arena. He knocked out Marcus Patterson that day. He stated, “That was a very long time earlier. I was on the undercard for Hasim Rahman.” At 34 years of ages, Cusumano remains in the very best shape of his life. Nearly 12 years to the day he will action in the ring with Justin Rolfe (7-4 5 KOs) of Fairfield, Maine, at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Just time will inform what the next chapter in his profession will be. All indications point towards Cusumano defending a world title in the future.

Cusumano made my task simple throughout our time together. He provided me plenty to blog about. Throughout the interview he was most thrilled discussing his 12-year-old boy, Luciano Cusumano. Obviously, this boy is a chip off the old block. He is a professional athlete much like his papa. He plays baseball and basketball. Juiseppe likewise provided full marks to Luciano’s mom Christian Parrish. He stated, “They reside in Danville, Virginia. She was my puppy love. I have actually understood her given that I was a kid. She is a terrific lady. I could not request for a much better mom for my boy.”

Juiseppe with his boy Luciano

When it comes to the future, Juiseppe had this to state, “Boxing is a service. I do not get to choose my challengers. Someone I would enjoy to combat is Deontay Wilder. He strikes truly tough therefore do I. That would be a terrific battle. I still need to show myself. My fitness instructor Device constantly utilize to state, ‘It’s not how you begin, it’s how you end up.’ On August 20 th, I plan to end up strong.”

Tickets for CES Summertime Heat at Mohegan Sun Arena are going quick. This occasion makes sure to offer out. To learn more on all CES Boxing and mixed martial arts occasions check out www.cesfights.com


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