Fast-Track Your vessels FIRST AID KIT with Capt. Mike

Capt. Mike Littlefield of Narragansett Bay Maritime Training is starting new adventure with EMT Don Barnes. After Capt. Mike of ArchAngel Fishing Charters almost lost his finger this year on his boat, he realized how important it was to have a proper first aid / trauma kit onboard his vessel. Luckily his first aid kit, that he personally made had all the essentials needed to control bleeding.

“I realized after searching over the last few months that your typical marine first aid kits had nothing but fillers in them to make them look appealing to the buyer. After months of research with Don he came up with marine first aid kits designed for Vessel size and bodies of waters traveled.”

Capt. Mike will be making four custom first aid kits designed for Vessel size and crew.

These kits are not your average first aid kits but designed to have the proper items to deal with a medical emergency onboard. They will be in waterproof hard cases and depending on the size will have more than enough supplies for your Vessel of any size. They have been assembling the first aid kits for several weeks and are currently available for sale at the Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing show which is currently going on in Providence, RI.

Capt. Mike who who runs ArchAngel Fishing Charters based out of Newport, RI has a booth at the fishing show, where you can walk away with a kit in hand.  They currently offer four types of first aid kits for your boat.  Mike also runs a

The Oceanus Car kit / Small boat $60.00 each
The Triton ( Inland kit) $ 199.99
The Neptune (Near Coastal ) $299.99

The Poseidon ( Offshore) $399.00

We will also be selling AED’s that come with its own waterproof case for 1200.00