Burn with Kearns: Suspension Training on Steroids– Kevin Kearns

By Kevin Kearns

You need to enjoy the individual training and training neighborhood. They bring out a terrific item like the TRX. Then physical fitness individuals experiment with it and create something like the Air Fit from Purmotion. Then somebody truly takes a leap and integrates 2 physical fitness items together. This somebody (Kieren Owen from KO8) combines suspension training and resistance band training one! One word for fitness instructors like me that travel fantastic …

Integrating components that are both versatile and practical is merely a work of art. At Burn With Kearns we take a look at that and state, WE WANT IT NOW! I was lucky adequate to get my hands on this piece of package and to state the least I was amazed right now. The more you can alter on the fly with an item particularly when dealing with professional athletes like fighters is big. When training for a battle in later phases you require to be able to move the professional athlete rapidly and flawlessly. Why? Since that is what they will be dealing with in the cage. Somebody is not going to await you in battle! You require to be able to respond and act rapidly. This package fits the expense and after that some. So, here’s a little kick ass exercise for you!

We going to truly squash this one, so be all set. We are going to press this to the max and after that some. This will reveal you the ease in versatility you have from going from one motion to another. Each motion will be 45 seconds each with 0 rest in between each drill. This what we call the “KO8 Mass Attack”– overwhelm your challengers with this one.

  1. Ground and pound with the bands– with the resistance set kneel on the ground and carry out straight punches
  2. Knee blast– with your training partner holding pads or a heavy bag have the resistance bands set your ankles. No let the knees begin a flying as you alternate knee shots
  3. explosive band twists low– with the band at a low angle and your body parallel to the band explosive twist from right to left side
  4. explosive inverted rows– with the bands in suspension position. blow up up as you release the deals with briefly
  5. mountain climbers– with the feet anchored in the bands carry out rotating mountain climbers
  6. Fit to eliminate– with bands loop on the shoulders begin tossing several mixes into pads or shadow box
  7. Press twist — with your hands in the suspension deals with carry out a rise with a twist. Raise one leg for a core killer
  8. Punch to sprawl– with your hands in the bands toss 2 punches and the drop with the deals with into a sprawl
  9. Float knees– with your feet in the suspension loops begin driving your knee to the outdoors elbow

There you have it– the “KO 8” suspension fitness instructor. This is absolutely a package worth it for the tool kit.



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