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by Kevin Kearns, owner, Burn with Kearns

This summer season I had the fortune of dealing with a high level college tennis gamer from Perdue University. His name is Sam Lapides. Sam stands about 6′ 2″ and is just about 160. At 19 years of ages he is among one of the most discipline professional athletes I have actually stumbled upon this year. He is right up there with my college hockey kids attempting to make the draft or mixed martial arts fighters entering into the ring. When I took a look at his total strength and conditioning program, I understood Burn with Kearns mixed martial arts physical fitness procedures would work for getting him form for making the group.

You might believe reading this” what does tennis relate to mixed martial arts physical fitness or battling?” It’s a legitimate concern. It has a lot make with it! If you take a look at the needs of tennis and mixed martial arts other than the striking, they have a lot in typical. Both professional athletes require the following:

  1. a strong core for rotational aircraft mechanics. In essence the exact same hip rotation that is utilized in tennis mirrors that of tossing a punch in mixed martial arts. Without a strong core there will not be strong punches
  2. crazy cardio. The sprint work required for tennis when they are attempting to be anywhere and all over the ball is, mirrors the severe cardio required for battling.
  3. explosive power– simply as serving, forehand smashes and back hand smashes in tennis are required by all gamers so too is this kind of power is required for tossing difficult punches, kicks and take downs.

Sam is high and lean however is a fighter all the method. The important things that surprised me the most was this crazy conditioning program he needed to pass to make the group. That program advised me of a 5-round champion battle in UFC! Even more factor to treat this like a battle camp in my mind.

The very first stage was this crazy lifting program that is something that even cross fit would do. Then after this he needed to run 50 backyards 4 x in under 36 seconds for 6 sets. After which 6 sets of bleachers in 12 seconds and after that 1000 crunches!

What struck me the most on the program was no lateral or rotational motions at all. Last time I look tennis was not all direct its multi planar much like mixed martial arts. So, the only variables I was enabled to control were the following. These are the exact same variables I would control on a mixed martial arts fighter also.

  • healing time
  • load
  • volume
  • psychological strength
  • nutrition

Sam’s exercises were nearly every day plus 2 to 3 hours of tennis. He was balancing about 6 to 7 hours, 6 days a week. I chose to get innovative. This advised me of a battle camp, and I treated it as such. We had a particular timeframe to satisfy and a particular level of physical fitness he required to make. I would have tossed the entire program out without concern other than for the sprint work. So, we created a method to increase his load lifting without including weight and increase the strength of his lungs also. We pick the weighted compression t-shirt from TiTin Tech. This would allow us to include load internally, versus externally, making him more powerful from the within out. The TiTin was excellent due to the fact that other than for the weight you do not even understand you have it on. This allowed us to utilize it for sprints, lifting, and tennis.

Our other weapon of option was the WearTrue Kind. This is wearable resistance on the legs that does not interfere with any movement whatsoever. For what Sam required to do the combination was an ideal match. We likewise chose to have him utilize an elevation mask to require his lungs to breath much deeper and increase his cardiovascular endurance.

For healing and explosive power, we chose to utilize the Dive Sport Physical Fitness Trampoline. This would assist recuperate throughout sprints for his next sprints also include a few of the plyometric aspects for more explosive power off the blocks also his turns. We discovered the turns were exceptionally important and maintaining his speed and not wasting time.

Sprint days

Heat up dexterity ladder drills for 40 seconds on, 15 off. My objective was establishing fast feet for turns and more ankle awareness.

1.2 feet forward

2. hopscotch

3 lateral changeover

4. high knees

5. 2 in 2 out on the lateral

6. disgusting shuffle

After each later drill he would run with his arms just with 4 pound sledgehammers. I wished to teach him to keep his arms in tight and you require arms for sprints

130 minute active healing on Trampoline utilizing his spilt turn action

Bear Crawls 30 seconds on 15 off

6 sets with heavy resistance bands, Titin, Real kind, and mask on

Our objective was to improve his power in his butt and psychological strength

130 minute active healing on trampoline

Helped Treadmill Sprints 36 seconds 4 to 6 sets

6 sets with a partner and a heavy resistance band. The secret is to provide simply enough stress, so they nearly touch the front of the treadmill

Power Gets On Dive Sport Forward 3 sets 6 representatives 1 minute break

lateral power leaps 3 sets 6 representatives 1 minute break

switch leaps 3 sets 6 representatives 1 minute break

We had the ability to enhance his cardiovascular endurance, healing time, and psychological strength. This kind of exercise might and can work for the mixed martial arts world also. Little did Sam understand the majority of the procedures we utilize on all the fighters I trained. Sometimes, we did not notify him till after he had actually finished the sprints with his equipment on that his rest time was reduced. Often you simply require to be a sly bastard and not inform the professional athlete whatever. I can ensure you this sprint exercise will up your mixed martial arts video game. Coach Kearns


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