A couple of storms this night, hot & damp this weekend

A HEAT ADVISORY has actually been extended and now consists of both Saturday and Sunday

Heat Alerts 1625070840960

Tonight, storms through 8 P.M. for primarily Northern Rhode Island and SE MA, however omitting the Southcoast. Partially cloudy with irregular fog after midnight. Warm and damp, low to mid 70s.

Skycast Tonight 2

Saturday, a turn up storm for the afternoon, primarily for areas Northwest of 95. Another hot and damp day. Around 90 °. Seem like temperatures near 100 °. Saturday night, clammy with a couple of clouds. Low to mid 70s.

Mass Gis Cutout Ri Gis Cutout Beach Scene Forecast 2 Heat Index Forecast Daily

Sunday, still hot and damp. Temperatures around 90 °. Seem like temperatures near 100 °. Sunday night, partially cloudy. Low to mid 70s. Muggy.

Monday, partially bright with storms shooting up throughout the late-day and night. Still hot and damp. Around 90 °. Monday night, spread showers and storms. Low 70s.

Tuesday through Thursday, a genuine strong opportunity of rain all 3 days. Spread showers and storms every day. Still damp, however not as hot. Low to mid 80s. It would be a win to score good rain for the middle of next week.

Friday, primarily bright, low humidity. Low to mid 80s.

ABC6 Chief Meteorologist, Jeff Desnoyers

Email: jdesnoyers@abc6.com