5 Concerns With: Dr. Alan Daniels

This spring, Dr. Alan Daniels, chief of spinal column surgical treatment at University Orthopedics Inc., together with a group of spinal column cosmetic surgeons at The Miriam Medical facility, utilized a robotic assistant to carry out a minimally intrusive spinal column treatment. T he surgical treatment was the very first in Rhode Island to be carried out with the Mazor X Stealth Edition Platform, a system that enables cosmetic surgeons to produce a 3D prepare for treatments prior to getting in the operating space. Throughout surgical treatment, the system’s robotic arm holds instruments in location while cosmetic surgeons make small cuts with the assistance of robotic innovation.

Daniels talks about the Mazor X and what using it might suggest for spinal column clients in requirement of surgical treatment in the Ocean State.

PBN: How does standard spinal column surgical treatment vary from treatments that utilize the Mazor X system?

DANIELS: Conventional spinal column surgical treatment is extremely effective in offering clients remedy for a variety of spine conditions. The objectives of surgical treatment are normally to take pressure off of compressed nerves, support the spinal column (when required) and proper defect. The Mazor X system enables us to accomplish these objectives in less-invasive methods utilizing smaller sized cuts and less X-ray radiation for the surgical group and the client. Clients with smaller sized cuts and minimally intrusive methods frequently have a quicker healing with less scar tissue, preferably causing much better results. The robotic likewise permits fantastic precision of screw positioning, lowering the opportunity of any mal-positioned spine instrumentation.

PBN: How frequently do you anticipate to utilize the Mazor X in the operating space now that you’ve utilized it effectively throughout a treatment?

DANIELS: The Mazor X can be utilized in a variety of treatments, normally in the thoracic and back spinal column. We will be utilizing this innovation daily at The Miriam Medical facility at our hectic spinal column center, where we carried out more than 700 spine operations in 2015 alone.

PBN: What kinds of clients and treatments is the system a great suitable for?

DANIELS: At University Orthopedics Inc. and The Miriam Medical facility, we take care of clients from birth to really sophisticated age with spine conditions. We have an extensive group that has the ability to take care of all spine conditions right here in Rhode Island. Absolutely nothing is too intricate for our extremely knowledgeable group.

The Mazor X system is presently most beneficial for degenerative (arthritic) back spine conditions, however this innovation is quickly broadening and can likewise be utilized on clients with spine growths, infections, injury and after that likewise in the future will likewise be utilized for cervical conditions.

PBN: What sort of training did you need to finish in order to utilize the Mazor X?

DANIELS: Prior to ever carrying out a robotic spinal column surgical treatment (or a minimally intrusive spinal column surgical treatment), spinal column cosmetic surgeons go through extensive training to be able to finish these difficult, high-risk operations. Robotic spinal column surgical treatment assists us to put instrumentation (screws) into the spinal column in a safe way, however this can just be done after the cosmetic surgeon is well proficient at positioning screws without a robotic. Following conclusion of complete residency and fellowship training, extra robotic training– both in the class and in the lab using cadaver spinal columns– was finished by all of our robotic cosmetic surgeons at The Miriam Medical facility.

PBN: Could a system such as the Mazor X make it possible to carry out surgical treatment for conditions that were formerly thought about unusable?

DANIELS: The Mazor X is a fantastic tool in our armamentarium to deal with a variety of spine conditions. Nevertheless, it presently does not enable us to deal with conditions we never ever dealt with prior to.

One factor is that there’s been such an enormous surge of innovation over the last twenty years that currently allows us to take care of a big range of client problems. Instead of enabling us to deal with formerly unusable conditions, it enables us to do the exact same surgical treatments in a more secure, more reliable method with a quicker healing for the client.

Robotic spinal column surgical treatment supplies us with yet another tool to enhance the care of our clients. Our objective at University Orthopedics is to supply the very best result for each client, with or without surgical treatment, and to get them back to the activities that they like to do. Although many individuals think spinal column surgical treatments are naturally harmful and frequently have bad results, that is not the case when there is a well-experienced, skilled and cautious cosmetic surgeon carrying out the operation with the proper technological help.

Elizabeth Graham is a PBN contributing author.

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